C.M.D.A. Kenya

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Medical Education & Training

CMDA, in an effort to equip its members and others in the medical field, offers courses in emergency medicine. CMDA has conducted these trainings from 2003 in conjunction with Medical Education International (MEI) which is a training wing of Christian Medical and Dental Association of USA. The trainings include:-

  • BLS- (Basic Life Support): A training geared towards equipping health personnel with skills on initial resuscitation of ill persons.
  • ATLS- (Advanced Trauma Life Support): A training geared towards training in the initial life saving response and management of acutely injured persons.
  • ACLS- (Advanced Cardiac Life Support): A course that provides skills applicable in the initial life saving response of persons with cardiac emergencies.

These Trainings are offered to anyone in the health sector and are done in groups as they are also aimed at improving team work in the rescue procedures.

BLS and ATLS are also offered to those not in the health professions but face trauma emergencies frequently for example army personnel.