C.M.D.A. Kenya

Each of you should look not only for your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Phil. 2:4

Students & Mentorship

CMDA works together with Christian Unions from the various medical schools in the country to bring on board students as associate members. As such the values of CMDA are instilled from an early stage in the journey of medical professionalism.

CMDA organizes forums for students to interact with their older colleagues e.g. the monthly fellowships, quarterly retreats, medical camps etc.

Students are also placed in small groups called Families under an older colleague to act as a mentor and provide an avenue for the student to learn at a more personal level the ways of the Medical Field.

CMDA, in association with CHAK-Christian Health Association of Kenya, organize for elective and internship placements of students in mission hospitals.

Biannually, a CMDA National Student Conference is held to bring together students from medical schools in the country. The last was held in 2012 at Kenya High School, Nairobi.